“Choose Yourself” Era

I have recently read an article about “10 reasons to quit your job

Its author, James, talks about how the myth of moving vertically in a job ended in 2008 when the crisis started. We are used to stability and the thought that we need a safe job to be able to buy a house, car, etc. Nowadays, in many countries, renting a home is more common than buying one.

More reasons to quit your job:

  • Your boss, who makes you unhappy and as a consequence, you become miserable.
  • Your coworkers. Do you want to spend so many hours of your life with them?
  • Fear. With the crisis there is a high unemployment rate. Except for the “private sector job growth. Much of that is people working at one or two-person companies (i.e. “startups”)
  • The work itself. Most probably you do not like your job. We study for 4 years or more something we have chosen when we are 18. People change, so you may not like what you liked a few years ago.
  • Bad things happen. You start to get depressed and you don’t know why. You start to feel like your life didn’t add up to what it should’ve. SOMETHING WENT WRONG. You start to physically ache.
  • Monotony has killed your creativity

I agree in some of the points, but not all, as your boss and coworkers should not be the reason to quit a job. You are always going to find people with whom you may not have a good relationship in all the areas of your life: family, friends, job, etc. This is a good chance to learn to tolerate people as they are.

And it’s true we spend many hours at work, that’s why we should try to get the best out of it: being proactive or just seing it a role you have to play in order to be able to earn some money to do what you like outside.

What do you think about these reasons?



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