Should we outsource QA or part of it?

This question has come up a few times in my company. After some thinking, the CTO made a decision: to have a person physically at the company and an outsource company in India as support.

The reasons for this decision where:

  • To be able to implement formal QA processes in the company
  • A QA department needed to be formed with more than one person in order to be able to deal with all the sites and browsers
  • We have the technology to communicate long distances
  • To start the automatization processes

From my point of view and from what I have been able to learn from that experience is that outseourced Testing has their advantages and disadvantages.


  • It’s a chance to communicate in other language, what it’s always enriching
  • You learn to coordinate Tasks between two groups of people that are on the same Team but different countries
  • You learn the cultural differences: how these affect possitively to your work as you see other points of view.
  • In reference to the company budget, it’s cheaper to have 6 people in India for example than 6 people from Europe


  • Long distance calls. It’s easier to explain things when you are face to face instead of using skype.
  • The learning curve takes up to 2-3 months at the beginning depending on the size of the project.
  • Some misunderstandings due to language-cultural differences

But it mainly depends on the company and the project: do you have the technical sources and knowledge? do you have the budget for it? is it a short term project or long term? and so on.

What’s your point of view or experience?



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