How to define an objective? II

Last week I spoke about the characteristics an objective needs to have in order to be achievable.

Among the mentioned points, one made reference to the values and beliefs we have.
BUT what’s the definition of values and beliefs?

  • Values= ideals, principles, etc. shared by the members of a culture about what is good or desirable and what is not. They serve as broad guidelines in all situations.
    Examples: Happiness, Health, Justice, Frienship, Love, Beauty, Teamwork, Knowledge, etc.
  • Beliefs= Assumptions and convictions that are held to be true, by an individual or a group, regarding concepts, events, people, and things.
    Examples: “In a workplace, we are equal” or “The more you exercise, the healthier you are”

Usually a value is defined with one or two words and the beliefs with phrases.

Each value can have more than one belief, for example, for Happiness:

  • “One is happy when you have a couple”
  • “The more money you earn, the happier you are”
  • “I’ll be happy when I find a job”
  • “If I’m sick I’m not happy”

We can’t say these beliefs are good or bad, but they are more useful depending on the situation and the person.
If we take the first one, “One is happy when you have a couple”, for a married person this belief might be useful. But for a single, this belief is limiting him/her and it’s making him/her suffer. So that person can modify it to “One is happy when you love yourself” for example.

In order to achieve our goals in live or at work, we need to find out the beliefs we have. It’s not an easy task as many of them are learned since childhood and are unconcious to us. But once we have that knowledge, we can see which ones are useful and which ones are limiting.

Here is an article about how to find Limiting Beliefs

What’s you opinion on this?



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