How to define an objective?

Not all the objectives we want to achieve are well defined. As a consequence, you may not achieve it causing some frustration. Did you know you can have a safer way to success?

The main reason we fail with our objectives is that we do not know how to formulate them. We think that it’s like making a wish and once you say it, sooner or later it will come true. For example: “Next year I will go to the gym”. But an objective needs to comply with some characteristics to be achievable:

  • Needs to be defined in positive. If you say for example: “I do not want to be sensitive” you are expressing what you are running away from. Instead, you could say: “I want to be stronger”. Then, you are looking at the future, what you want to be.
  • It should only depend on you, not third parties. For example: “I want to get rich”. You can work hard but it depends on your boss or the economic situation of your country. Instead, you can say “I want to search for another job with a higher salary”. The fact of searching only depends on you and your time
  • Needs to be measurable, otherwise, how will you know you made it? If I say “I want to lose weight”, it can be measured with a scale. If I say “I want to be a better person”, how will you measure it?
  • They need to be aligned with your values and beliefs. The most common new year’s objective is “I’ll go to the gym”. Where is the problem? 🙂 One part of you wants to exercise but another important part in you wants to rest or go shopping or play games on the computer. So this objective implies an effort you won’t truly make
  • Due Date: “I want to travel to Australia”. If you do not say when you want it, this objective will fall into obscurity
  • Ecologic. This means you need to evaluate how it can affect your environment (family, work, etc.) What you gain and what you lose.

Again, we see how language is really important. In this case, it can make you win or fail in your goals.

Did it help?



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