What have you studied to be a tester?

I have seen an interesting report on a survey: Education for Testers.

Source: ChurchMac Blog

I should place myself with the circle of 60 people “Self Educated” with regard to QA matters. Actually, I think I can say that in Europe, Quality Assurance is an area that is starting to flourish now, so as a consequence, there are not many schools giving related courses yet.

In my case, I started as a Product Manager and ended up in Quality Assurance. So I do not have a technical background.

I think the most important things to be a tester or QA manager are:

  • To know the product/s by heart: without this, you won’t know what to test or what can go wrong with new functionalities
  • To be aware of the main objectives of the company to be able to prioritize the bugs accordingly
  • To be tenacious: many times you will have to go after the programmers to have things solved.
  • To have tolerance to chaos: many urgent bugs may need to be resolved fast and you need to rearrange the list of prioritised bugs. In connection with it, you need to be an organised person
  • To be able to be “diplomatic” as sometimes you’ll find yourself between a product manager and programmers with different points of view and expectations
  • To be tough. I like this sentence I read in an article: If testers need love, don’t expect to get it on the job. And it’s quite true. People will come to you angry as if it was your problem that things are not working. And once you get the bug solved, do not expect a thanks. My phrase at work is “If you come with a smile, I’ll listen” or sometimes you can get crazy
  • Common sense: it might seem obvious or simple but it’s important

  • The technical knowledge can come later reading books, articles, taking some courses, etc.
    What have you studied?



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