How to give and receive Feedback

At school, at our jobs, from our friends, and family, etc. We are constantly giving and receiving feedback in our daily lives.

But it’s not such an easy task!

How many times have we asked ourselves:

  1. How should I tell him/her this is wrong?
  2. Is s/he going to react badly if I tell him/her?
  3. Why is s/he telling me this? I haven’t done it that way, or worst: I’m not like that

The answer to all these questions is: Feedback is an opinion. Based on this I can say:

  1. I can give him/her this feedback thinking this is my opinion and with the intention to help him/her to improve.
  2. My responsability, as I’m expressing an opinion, ends once I say it. If the other persons takes it wrongly, then it’s his/her problem.
  3. That person has given me feedback about something. It’s his/her opinion. Is it useful for me? And then, take it or not.

The main problem is to mix in a feedback, real facts with subjective opinions about the other person: Mixing the behavior with the person.

For example: You have to give feedback to one of your colleagues that has done a presentation for the company.

Correct Feedback: I have missed more images on the presentation but you exposed the topic very clearly.

Wrong Feedback: Why don’t you speak louder?

Here you can find some articles about FeedBack I have found interesting:

How to give Negative Feedback
19 Common mistakes
Tips to give feedback
Giving Feedback takes courage



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