Speed is killing quality?

When a new project comes, we need to have in mind three variables:

  1. Cost
  2. Speed
  3. Quality

Unfortunatly, it’s very hard to have all of them together. At least, you need to choose two to have a decent project, but which ones?

Nowadays, life goes very fast, and so do projects. Many businessmen want to see their products on the market as fast as possible, as every minute lost means no profits.

The crisis we live in, makes the Cost the most tempting factor: to be able to have a product fast and cheap.

But, what about quality? What are the users of these products going to receive? The Sistine Chapel was not built in months but 3 years and some of the paintings needed 5! However, Miguel Ángel is one the best artist the world has known.
I could go on giving examples: The Great Wall, The Great Pyramid of Giza, The empire State, etc. All wonders of the world.

In order to do things right, time is needed. I have been working as a QA for two years now in a website. The faster we go, the more bugs we have (accumulate) in production. By this, I do not mean we have a bad development team, on the contrary. But we do not have time to see the corner cases before, and those are as important as the rest, to have a quality product. We even sometimes do not have time to test properly: for example in different browsers.

If you dedicate time and do a good job, money and users will come, as you’ll have a trusty and useful product.



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