Differences between: V Testing Model (Waterfall) and Spiral Testing (Agile)

The first question we need to ask ourselves is: What do I want to test, a software or a website?

Depending on the answer, and despite there are more testing processes, one of these two fits you best: V model or Spiral. Why? The ways of working for a software or a website are very different

Software Website
To install in your computer To access through all browsers
Long term development (months) Short term development (days)
One Release Several Releases
Waterfall development method Agile development method
Step by Step Multiple iterative development
Test at the end* Spiral Testing

*NOTE: there is an evolution from the waterfall method which is the V-Model where Testing happens during the linear development process, not only at the end.

BUT, this is not a rule: a software company can use the Agile method and a website can use the Waterfall method.

Differences between V Testing Method and Spiral Testing:

V-Model (Waterfall) Spiral Model (Agile)**
Requirements are well defined and won’t vary Specifications are not closed and can evolve
QA and Development Teams work separately Cooperation between testers and developers
The final user sees the product at the end of coding The final user interacts during the process: defines and tests the product while it’s being developed
The project is no-time sensitive and the product is released at the end of the development You can deliver partial functionalities earlier: quick wins
Order of Testing phases: Acceptance, System, Integration and Unit Testing Order of Testing phases: Test Plan, Test Case Design, Test Development, Test Evaluation, System Testing and Acceptance Testing
Phases do not overlap Phases may overlap
Higher risk to find defects after release: bigger Cost You find the defects earlier, so you lower the post-production cost.

**NOTE: At the book I’m reading, Spiral and Agile are placed in the same sack, though I have seen at some websites differences between them as for example: Spiral is for long-term projects with very detailed specifications and Agile delivers product and versions faster because no much time is dedicated to detailed design. Some others consider Agile as an evolution of Spiral, as happens between Waterfall and V-Model.



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